Hi, I'm James.I like to build cool things.

Hello, friend! I'm a quiet, introverted developer full of passion and love for what I do.

I grew up with an IT dad, so I've always been around computers—I like to say I was typing before I could walk. My early coding days make me laugh in hindsight, but we all start somewhere! One of the first big projects I remember working on was creating my own "operating system"... in Visual Basic. 😅 It may have just been a fullscreen program that launched on startup, but it had a calculator, a paint program, a word processor, and even a web browser! At any rate it was still a great learning experience.

I went on to become fascinated by video games, an obsession that soon leaked into my coding hobbies. All I wanted was to understand how the games I was playing worked, and how I could make my own. One game hooked my brain in this way like no other: Minecraft. Redstone led me to learn about circuitry, and I spent countless hours creating games, web-integrations, and plugins for Minecraft servers.

My biggest Minecraft plugin project (read about it here!) received a ton of positive feedback, something I hadn't really come across in a large volume before. And I've been hooked ever since. To this day, nothing drives me more than the feeling I get when someone genuinely appreciates something I've built; whether that's because it makes their life easier or just because they enjoy it.

Full-Stack Web Developer

What I'm working on:

  • Building a painless Joomla template
  • Building shortcode templating system for Joomla

Tools I'm enjoying lately:

  • Next.js
  • Remix
  • HTMX
  • Strapi
  • Neovim

What I'm learning next:

  • Go
  • TypeScript